Mission & Vision

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For 25 years, Vaughn Next Century Learning Century Learning Center has served a resilient community of students and families in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. Nearly 100% of students attending Vaughn qualify for free or reduced lunch, hundreds of students and families struggle through the daily hardships associated with being homeless, and the large majority of students will be the first in their families to graduate high school and to continue their education in a university of other post-secondary program. Vaughn is more than a school in the eyes of the local community. It is a space wherein students can truly learn in a safe and supportive space, both relative to physical and social-emotional security. The school serves as a critical hub for community resources, providing a home for numerous partner agencies that offer services ranging from a robust selection of after school student programs, parent education courses addressing academics, health and well-being, ESL, etc., and access to medical, social, and counseling services. Vaughn promotes educational equity and the belief that every student, without exception, can succeed.

Vaughn conducted numerous school-wide self-studies, and, informed by stakeholders representing students, parents, and members of the community, and Vaughn’s Board of Directors, Vaughn Next Century Learning Center has committed to achieving the following goals over the new charter term (2018-2023):

Goal#1: Vaughn NCLC will maintain high academic standards, increase achievement, and work toward proficiency in English-Language Arts and Mathematics for all students.

Goal#2: Vaughn NCLC will maintain high academic standards, increase achievement, and work toward proficiency in English Language Arts for all limited-English proficient students.

Goal#3: Vaughn graduates will be globally competent, digitally literate, and will be prepared with the 21st century skills necessary to succeed in life, college, and career.

Goal#4: Vaughn NCLC will cultivate a positive school culture and system of supports for student personal and academic growth.

Each of the aforementioned goals are aligned to Vaughn’s LCAP and are accompanied by specific outcomes that the school and its stakeholders will use both to measure progress and to serve as sources for consistent reflection and iterative improvement . Moreover, these new goals reflect Vaughn’s commitment to serving the “whole student,” placing equal focus on and investment in academic achievement for all students, providing targeted services and support for Vaughn’s significant population of English Language Learners (as well as students in all significant subgroups), in preparing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a 21st century characterized by globalization and ever evolving technology, and in continuing to promote a supportive and safe school culture and climate that will foster positive social and emotional development

VNCLC Mission & Vision Goals


  • Vaughn’s vision is that all graduates will be college/career ready, digitally literate and globally competent.
  • The mission of Vaughn is to provide all students with an exceptional education that will enable them to be college/career ready, digitally literate, and globally competent.


Vaughn recognizes that to be an Educated Person in the 21st Century, our students need to possess the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind necessary to work and live in a 21st Century global environment. With this in mind, Vaughn adopted a Graduate Profile that reflects these values.

All Vaughn’s graduates will be:

  • Academically prepared to successfully engage in post-secondary coursework and/or career.
  • Literate and prepared for the 21st Century with mastery of skills essential to communication and learning both in English and in one or more languages other than English.
  • Proficient thinkers and problem solvers with a capacity for mathematical analysis, scientific processing, and logical reasoning.
  • Aware of global dynamics with the ability to become fully enfranchised and participatory global citizens.
  • Collaborative team members, receptive to the views of others.
  • Effective users of technology with the ability to use a multitude of digital tools for communication, presentation, and data analysis.