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Thank you so much for visiting our Distance Learning website for Vaughn International Studies Academy (V.I.S.A.). We will be updating this page with information relevant to your studies so that you are able to continue learning from home! 

VISA Student Orientation

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Helpful Links

Chromebook Support

Should you need support with your Chromebook or other technology, please contact the Chromebook support center at helpdesk@myvaughn.freshservice.com  with your name, contact information, and a brief description of the problem. If you are unable to email, you can call (877) 239-7642.

In-person tech support is available at our tech office Monday to Friday from 9:00 am - 2:30 pm.

Counseling Support

For academic support, please reach out to your grade level counselor: 

9th and 10th grade Counselor: 


11th and 12th grade Counselor: 


Social-emotional Counselor: 


Nursing and Mental Health Support

Our School Wide Social Worker is available to provide support:

Arturo Chavez

School wide Social Worker    achavez@myvaughncharter.com

Tutoring Support

Online group and individual tutoring is available through Think Together: Coraima Hurtado 818-825-5780 or email: vaughnhs@thinktogether.org or thinktogether@myvaughncharter.com